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Use Cases

Get booking links to share users' availability

The most common way Calendly users share their availability is by sending invitees a link to their scheduling site. As a Calendly partner, you can use the User Event Types endpoint to retrieve details about event types your users create.

With this functionality:

  • sales leaders can give prospects access to sales development representative (SDR) or account executive (AE) Calendly links

  • customer success leaders can give customers access to customer success manager (CSM) links

  • marketing leaders can set up landing pages with specific booking links

  • developers can route visitors to book a specific meeting type based on form inputs

Embed Calendly on your website for easy scheduling

You can embed Calendly’s booking user experience as an inline modal, as a pop up text, or as a popup widget. Customize the styling to fit your web application’s aesthetic.

Receive information in real-time as invitees schedule with you

If you want to push information about scheduled events to another tool for record-keeping, you can use our Webhooks API to receive a webhook when an event is booked or canceled.

These webhooks contain invitee information along with answers to custom questions, any UTM parameters included on the scheduling link, and the reschedule and cancel links. Developers can pass this information to a customer relationship management (CRM) system, email marketing, sales enablement, customer support, customer success, or business intelligence tool.

Report on team activity and identify best channels for conversations

Using our API, organizations can report on Calendly events that are booked for each member of the organization. For example, sales, customer success, and customer support leaders can track the success and effectiveness of their respective teams and marketing leaders can report on different channels and campaigns to identity which is the most successful for converting their audience to schedule meetings.

Use our API to get an event list that gives you the ability to report on events based on:

  • User

  • Invitees

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Status

Afterward, you can retrieve the list of attendees on each of these events along with any UTM parameters that were attached to the Calendly link they used to schedule an event.

Onboard and manage users

Ensure a smoother onboarding and provisioning process for your end users by using our Organizations APIs. Use the Create User endpoint to let your users send invitations to new users within your app, instead of having them leave their typical workflow to do so in Calendly.